Memory Care at The Village

Personalized Support Plans

Experience individualized care, crafted to address your unique needs.

Emotional needs support

Compassionate assistance for your emotional needs and a supportive environment where your feelings are valued.

Intellectual Stimulation Activities

Engage in activities that inspire curiosity and promote cognitive vitality.

Providing a personalized approach to memory care.

At The Village, we offer comprehensive memory services that provide highly skilled and personalized care tailored to ease anxieties, nurture behaviors, and enhance independence. Our memory care approach emphasizes inclusion and activity, taking into account each individual’s unique personal goals. We understand that adjusting to the effects of memory loss can be challenging, and our dedicated team of care professionals recognizes that every person is different. We believe in providing a truly personalized approach to memory care to ensure the well-being and happiness of our residents.

Count on care with the on-site doctor visits.

Living at The Village means easy access to all the services and amenities you may need. Our on-site doctor visits supports routine healthcare, as well as specialized care with an available network of specialists to ensure your medical care is completely covered.